Department of Agricultural Technology Holds the 2023 International Conference on Agriculture, Science, and Technology


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Agricultural Technology Department of Pontianak State Polytechnic (Polnep) held the 2023 International Conference on Agriculture, Science, and Technology (ICON-FAST) which carried the theme “The Future of Agriculture: Exploration of Emerging Technology, Scientific Breakthrough, and Sustainable Practice”. The theme reflected the increase of interest in boosting agricultural productivity and competitiveness as well as the needs to overcome environmental challenges through invention and innovation. In the era which is full of interconnected challenges and opportunities, this conference aimed as a catalyst for researcher, academician, practitioner, and industrial expert from across the globe to gather around and share their insights. It also has a mission to explore transformative potential of cutting-edge advancement in the fields of agriculture, scientific research, and innovation on technology. ICON-FAST is a dynamic platform which is dedicated to support dialog, collaboration, and innovation. It featured keynote speech, expert panel discussion, and interesting presentations.
The conference was held on Thursday (16/11) both offline and online by zoom meeting. The opening session was conducted at the Accounting Hall and officially opened by Vice Director for Academic Affairs and Planning H. Irawan Suharto. The event featured four keynote speakers, namely Dr. Shamsul Haque from Charles Sturt University Australia, Prof. Takuya Tsugahara from Ehime University Japan, Hafiz Sohaib Mazhar, PhD from Fujian Agriculture & Forestry University China, and last but not least Dr. Surisa Phornvillay from UNIMAS Malaysia.
In today’s interconnected world, the symbiotic relationship between agriculture, science, and technology is increasingly evident. Applying sustainable agricultural practice, innovative scientific research, and solution of advanced technology are essential to overcome challenges faced by our planet, including the issues of food security, environment preservation, and technology advancement which is keep expanding.
In addition to enriching academic program, the conference may contribute to expand opportunities and a wider network for participants to collaborate and do a partnership either as an experienced researcher, a novice researcher, a professional, or a policy maker.

(Translated by: Riszqie Naskiah Na’im)

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