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Agricultural Technology Department of Pontianak State Polytechnic (Polnep) held a Technical Guidance on Pineapple and Banana Seed Multiplication Through Tissue Culture Technique to Karya Usaha Bersama Horticulture Seed Manufacturer Group at Limbung Village, Kubu Raya Regency.
The event conducted based on request from the Chair of Karya Usaha Bersama Mr. Moami. Horticulture Seed Manufacturer Group of Karya Usaha Bersama is a pineapple and banana seed company which is located in Limbung Village, Kubu Raya Regency, is one of successful companies to sell its product to outside of West Kalimantan area.
“Due to high demand on seed, Mr. Moani and his members required a better technique that is effective to mass-produce excellent one,” said Ledy Purwandani, the Head of Agricultural Technology Department of Polnep as well as serving as the Chair of Technical Guidance Team. Moreover, she explained that Mr. Moani’s group already had a plan to establish a tissue culture laboratory, accordingly, they asked for a training from Polnep. The training held on 4 September 2022. Polnep team consisted of Ledy Purwandani, served as the chair, and supported by the members Dwi Isyana Achmad, Tika Rahma Yunita, and Fenny Imelda. The activity also involved Mauludin as technician and two Polnep students.
The training, which was attended by 16 participants, comprised a brief presentation on Tissue Culture for Plants and followed by tutorial on how to select qualified pineapple and banana explants, process of sterilization, and place the explant on its growth medium.
According to Ledy Purwandani, the technical guidance aimed to introduce tissue culture technique to participants as well as to transfer beneficial knowledge to help them solve their problems. There would also be a follow-up in a form of mentoring activities for Karya Usaha Bersama Horticulture Seed Manufacturer Group while they build their own tissue culture lab.

(Translated by: Riszqie Naskiah Na’im)

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